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We quantify exactly what the motivation of your customers is and why they make a (purchase) decision.

About us.

Have you ever thought... I have the best product, but could generate more profit. Many entrepreneurs are like that. What are the obstacles to reach the next level?.

We see three core problems:

  • Lack of clarity about who your ideal customers are.
  • Marketing and product decisions are based on gut feeling.
  • Customers are ignoring your (digital) advertising.

Our services.

We’ll show you the strategy we used to help our clients to know with certainty what their customers really want, and to achieve 5-30% more acceptance.

What makes us unique?

Current market research is expensive, slow, complex and does not reveal what your customers really want, even if you ask them about it.

  • We are the the only provider to deliver actionable customer insights in 48 hours - competitors need an average of 3 weeks for an Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis.
  • shows concretely how individual customer segments differ and with which messages you ideally communicate with them.
  • „Why“ data beats „What“ data.

Optimal messages

Delivers optimal messages that are relevant to your customers.


Increase Campaigns

Improves your campaign results and efficiency.



Increases customer satisfaction and retention.


Improves ROI

Improves Omni-Channel ROI.


Cuts Costs

Cuts advertising costs.


Target Groups

Tapping new target groups. Existing Customer Segmentation misses growth opportunities

Meet our team.

SideWalkNow Consultants are a diverse collective of senior experts in the fields of Marketing, Brand Development, Communications and Market Research.

With decades of professional experience from working in leadership positions at world-class blue-chip companies and StartUps, we are blending top level marketing and growth experience with a practical & hands-on technical approach.

Jan Bruch

Founder, Brand Strategist

Malte Wagenbach

Growth Specialist

Want to
  • outperform your market?
  • define your ideal client
  • find new target customers?
  • nail your product?
  • grow your capabilities?
  • drive your productivity?
  • boost your performance?

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Arrive at Why

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